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DropBox and SnapChat Passwords Compromised

October 2014

According to multiple sources, the passwords from both DropBox and SnapChat have been compromised.  This does not appear to be the fault of these services but rather 3rd Party Services that access them and allow you to manipulate your material.  Either way it is prudent to change your passwords and if you are using the same passwords at multiple sites, those passowrds should be changed also.  Click to read more about DropBox.  Click to read more about SnapChat.



22.8 Million Personal Records of New Yorkers Exposed

​Claims Journal, 07.16.2014

Over the past 8 years 22.8 million personal records of New Yorkers were exposed.  40% of this was due to deliberate hacking according to the NYS Attorney General.


Supreme Court Requires Warrant for Mobile Phone Search

​ 06.25.2014

​In what may be a seminal ruling as it pertains to digital data and privacy, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that police must have a search warrant to look at the contents of a cell phone incident to an arrest.  The Court discusses the amount of information that is stored on such devices and calls them "mini computers".  The ruling does not explicitly apply to other mobile devices, such as tablets, smart watches, fitness trackers, etc... though it appears that an argument can be made that it does.  To read the whole decision click on the read more link below

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